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Building teenager self esteem is important for growth and development. By supporting your teen, she or he will be more confident, happier, and more resistant to peer pressure.

The Benefits of Bolstering Self Esteem

Teenager self esteem is more important than you realize. While many parents focus on the benefits of having a happier teen in their homes, the more confident your teen feels inside, the healthier their teenage years will be – both emotionally and physically.

By recognizing the many benefits of teen self esteem, you can begin to see the value in letting your teen know how great they are.

Inspiring Confidence

When your teen feels as though they are someone special, they’re going to be more confident in their lives. From their school work to their social interactions, when a teen is happy with themselves, they’re going to find it easier to manage their day-to-day situations. A few ideas to inspire confidence in your teen are …

  • Give your teen more responsibility.
  • Let them play a part in family decisions.
  • Praise your teen when they've done something well.

A Happier Teen

A teen with self esteem is also going to be happier overall. When your teen realizes that they’re a good person with a lot to offer, smaller things that might make them upset aren’t going to ruin their day. Teens who feel good are going to continue to act positively. You can help maintain this attitude by:

  • complimenting your teen
  • listening to what you teen is saying
  • making sure to celebrate daily events
  • planning special time together

Less Peer Pressure Sway

When your teen is confident and happy, they don’t need to look outside of themselves for acceptance. If they should find themselves in difficult situations, they can make choices and decisions based on how they’ll feel as a result. This reduces the risk of making decisions based on what others think.

Teenager self esteem begins in the home. Nuture your child from a very young age, and you’ll both reap the rewards!