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By teaching your teen about healthy relationships, you will help them greatly with teenager dating advice.

Advice Teens Need to Know

You might think that teenager dating advice would fall on deaf ears, but this is not the case. Just as teens are looking to their friends for advice about dating and relationships, they are also looking to you to provide them with guidance.

By taking the initiative to tell them about dating and relationships, you can help them choose healthy partners. You will encourage them to respect themselves and their needs in relationships, which could possibly be more than the advice you received when you first started dating. Give your teen the advantage of your experience.

When Should Dating Begin?

First of all, you need to determine an age that your teen can begin dating. This can vary from parent to parent, so you need to think about your teen’s maturity and their trustworthiness. For some parents, sixteen to eighteen is old enough for a teen to go on dates alone, depending on the teen’s maturity level, while younger ages can go on group dates. This, of course, will start with your getting to know the friends your teen hangs out with and their parents.

When they are ready to date, in your mind, it’s time to lay down the rules about curfews, sex (NO sex, of course), drinking, smoking, and the consequences of breaking these rules.

Guidance for Your Teen

When you begin to talk to your teen about dating, you should ask them about their feelings about dating and what they would look for in a relationship. This will help them see how they are judging others they might want to date, plus it will help you to see when they might be choosing partners who aren’t healthy for them. Of course, this shouldn’t be a one time conversation – this should be something you continue to discuss as they grow up.

Preventing Trouble Spots

A subject that might be difficult to discuss is the topic of date rape drugs and violence. When your teen is in trouble, you want them to feel comfortable coming to you, so let them know your policies about these problems. In addition, let your teen know that you need to know where they are at all times. This might mean that they need to carry their cell phone on them at all times and to check in with you frequently.

Teenager dating advice will help you both feel more comfortable about the dating scene – and that’s worth the discomfort you might both have in the beginning.