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Teen pregnancy and parenting are two issues that you might encounter as a parent. In order to give your teen the support and information she or he needs, it’s best to learn the facts and how to present them.

What You Need to Know

When it comes to teen pregnancy and parenting, it might seem as though you’re in the clear. After all, your teen isn’t having sex or getting into trouble, so all is well … right?

In truth, your teen could very well be having sex without your knowledge, and if she should get pregnant, you need to be ready to help her (or a responsible “him”!) through this difficult time, even if you disapprove.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

Teens Do Have Sex

To completely ignore the idea that your teen could be having sex is to be in denial about the reality of life in today’s teenage world. Instead, make sure your teen knows your views on sex and what the potential outcomes could be.

  • If you believe that birth control is something you would support, talk with your teen about methods that are available, how to use them, and what happens when they don't work.
  • If your household supports abstinence, make sure you talk to your teen about ways they can avoid getting into situations where they feel pressured to have sex.

Teen Pregnancy Can Still Lead to a Productive Life

Instead of thinking that your pregnant teen’s future has been “ruined,” it’s best to find out what resources are available to her.

  • Many schools offer separate classes that your teen can take to keep from falling behind ... while other schools allow for home schooling and tutoring to manage the teen's needs.
  • In addition, giving your teen multiple options in terms of what happens after she gives birth can also help show her that she can still graduate from high school and have a successful college experience.
A few choices to consider are:
  • adoption
  • raising the child
  • having parents of the teen raise the child

Peer pressure is a great influence on today’s teens. Their world is much more complicated than it used to be, due to many external influences.

By realizing that teen pregnancy and parenting is more common than our days as teenagers, you can make sure your teenager is ready to handle the tough questions and decisions that go along with this situation. Supporting your teen and listening to her or his needs will ensure that you’ll all be able to handle the situation together as a family.