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Your Teen and Auto Insurance

You wanted to drive when the time came, and you and your parents probably struggled with auto insurance fees. It will not be any different with your teenager. He will be looking forward to driving as much as you were. And you will struggle with the high cost of letting him drive.

And while he’s out there, you will be worrying non-stop about your teen driving. The best thing you can do is to make sure he knows all the safety rules as well as your rules. They will keep him safe, and keep the auto insurance rates under control.

Keeping the Price of Insurance Down

When deciding on a car for him to drive, you will have to either insure another car or add him to the insurance you already have. If you decide to add him to your existing car insurance, be prepared for an increase in your premiums.

Statistics show that more 16-year-old drivers have accidents than the 30 to 59 age group, about six times more often. However, there are steps you can take to keep your insurance from requiring that you take another job.

Boys’ auto insurance is always higher than girls’. The insurance companies figure that boys are more prone to speeding and trying to impress their friends and girls. Although girls’ insurance might cost you at least half as much again as what you are paying, boys’ insurance will sometimes cost triple. Here are a few tips that can make a difference in the price you pay for insurance:

  • Add the teen to your insurance rather than purchasing a new policy.
  • Shop around. Some insurance companies are a little more lenient with first time drivers than others are.
  • Have your teen take a driver’s education course. Successfully passing a course geared toward safe driving will allow insurance companies to discount your insurance.
  • Ride with your teen and see if there are any problem areas in which he may need to brush up.
  • Set your rules for the number of people allowed in the car, driving times, curfews, and where he is allowed to go.
  • Make sure your car is in top shape. The safer it is, the less chance of a wreck. Some insurance companies discount insurance for certain safety features.
  • Set an iron clad rule of no talking on cell phones while driving.
  • Encourage your teen to stay in school and to make good grades. Not only is this an incentive for cheaper insurance but it will keep him on the right track.
  • Let him know that drug or alcohol use not only will not be tolerated but his driving privileges will be suspended.

These are just a few of the things that can be done to keep your auto insurance premiums down when your teen starts driving. If he drives responsibly and has no accidents or tickets, by the time he gets his own car and insurance, he will be able to get lower rates because he has demonstrated responsibility.

The more things you do to keep your teen safe and make sure he is aware of the rules, the better off he will be. Let him know that there will be consequences for breaking those rules, one of which will be losing the driving privilege he has looked forward to for so long.