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Blended families can take some work, and every new member of the family can benefit from stepparent advice. Fortunately, the important factors are a matter of common sense and respect.

The Role of a Stepparent

Stepparent advice and positive reinforcement are crucial to the development of all the children involved, whether they’re his, hers, or ours. Life can be a bit challenging for a newly blended family, but with patience and understanding, a challenge can turn into a reward.

Here are a few tips to make the transition smoother for everyone.

A Shared Household

Every parenting situation is unique; however, one thing that is true across the board when it comes to creating a solid stepparent relationship is to make sure that the children feel welcome. In some cases, the kids stay for visits, while in others, they’re full-time residents. Either way, no words or deeds should make any child feel as if they are only visiting. They should be made to feel that they are at home … always.

By the same token, if the kids are to feel at home, they should also be expected to treat it like home. In other words, they aren’t “guests”; they are functioning members of a family and should be included in chores that help to keep the household running smoothly.

One-on-One Relationships

As with any situation where respect and love are expected to grow, the way kids are spoken to and what is said are very important to the future of a blended family.

Every rational adult knows that they should never say a negative word about the absent, biological parent, whether they’ve remarried or have chosen to remain a single parent. Even with this knowledge, negativity happens more than we care to admit.

Above all else, whether you have biological children of your own or not, for a blended family to be a success, each child has to be treated with respect and loved the same. Learning to accept the situation and above all, the kids, is stepparent advice to live by.