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The Disadvantages of Single Parenting

The US Census Bureau reported that there were 21.2 million children being raised in single parent homes as of August 2007. That figure represents approximately 26% of children in the US.

There can be considerable disadvantages to children raised in single parent households. When single parents educate themselves on some of these disadvantages, it can change the outcome of choices made by the parents, and allow them to make better decision when it comes to their children.

Reports show that children in single parent households are at a greater risk of doing poorly in math and science. It is presumed that single parents have less time to spend in helping their children with education and have lower economic resources than two-parent homes.

When parents are aware that this time allotment could potentially be a problem, they can adjust their schedule, or try to provide another adult who can help in times of academic need.

Not only can children suffer academically, but also emotionally. Children in single-parent households tend to have lower self-confidence levels and tend to have more behavioral problems. Much of this is due to less adult supervision and less time for interaction between parent and children.

To gain attention, children sometimes tend to act out in ways that are unacceptable. Again, when parents are educated in this area, they can make choices to prevent these problems.
Many times the disadvantages not only involve the children, but the parents as well. When parents have children at home and can only work specific hours, it hampers the financial opportunities of the single parent. This can create financial burdens, which further exacerbate the problems within the home. gives you and your teen ideas on how to turn your dreams into tips booklets and other info products for marketing and making money right within the home.

When teens have peers who are well-dressed and driving cars and they are financially unable to do so, the feelings of self worth may decline and they may turn to risky behavior to fit in. The parent may seek to work more hours, leaving the children unattended for longer periods of time.

Although there can be considerable disadvantages, there are many ways parents can educate themselves to help them in raising children on their own. If parents take the time to shower their kids with love, take the time to teach values, morals and essential coping skills, they will empower their children to be well adjusted and well behaved.

It is important for parents to listen to what their children are saying and keep close contact with them and the friends they choose. When strong relationships develop between single parents and their children, both the parents and the children benefit, and the outcome is better.

The Single Parenting Voyage can be a daunting one, but you can succeed with the right support. It is always important for a parent to engage any outside help that is necessary. There are many forms of help out there. If there are serious problems, they should seek help from a therapist. Always look to the extended family, such as grandparents, to help with supervision. Lastly, remember that the community can and usually does offer many activities to keep children busy and active. A single parent should use all the resources available to them in helping to raise their children.