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The Advantages of Being A Single Parent

Throughout history up until recent times, it was considered taboo to be a single parent through choice or even divorce. It was looked upon with disfavor and distaste. There was also a great deal of hardship for these parents. The only accepted form of being a single parent was through becoming a widow or widower, and even then it was often frowned upon. Single parenting may come about for many different reasons, some of which may be totally out of one’s control.

A lot has been said about the disadvantages of single parenting, but as Dr. Phil says, kids are better off being from a broken home than to be in a broken home filled with a lot of tension and conflict.

Despite the challenges one may face, there are some real advantages to single parenting. Children from single parent households can be just as well adjusted, happy and healthy as those from two parent households.

The advantages of being a single parent are numerous. It can often give adults a level of self-confidence that was previously not experienced. They may learn skills, which they were lacking, including learning how to stand up for themselves and their children.

The single parent may now have the opportunity to manage money securely and safely. One of the largest issues in marriages and families is the distribution and use of finances, which the single parent no longer has to do deal with.

smiling family There are a number of positive effects on children as well. They mature and gain self-reliance as well as resilience and determination.
In many cases, children from single parent homes have a higher level of self-confidence, self-esteem and competency than their two-parent peers as long as they are not continually subjected to tension and stress from separated but fighting parents.

As the sole parent, you have the choice of religion, lifestyle and rules for your child and yourself. You can discipline and raise your child according to your values instead of having to constantly compromise.

Despite the common view that single parent homes do not produce successful kids there are a number of instances where children are just as or even more successful than their peers. They develop strong character traits necessary for survival, especially where there is a strong community and extended family presence in the child’s life.

To supplement the household income, children from single parent homes may start working a part-time job during school. They learn time- and money-management early in life, preparing them for a successful adult life.

The Perfect Family Outing
Single parenting may be challenging, but it can also be rewarding, with the right skills. It does not imply that children and teens will be less successful than their peers.

These teens do have the same platform as everyone else and they can choose to excel, just like the President elect, Barack Obama, the world renowned athlete Michael Phelps and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star Ty Pennington, people from single families, who have each excelled in their chosen fields.

The advantages of being a single parent, whether it is by divorce, by choice or by the death of a parent, should not be overlooked due to society’s misconceptions that children from single parent homes are not successful and cannot be successful because they did not have a “balanced” parenting dynamic.

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