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“She Left!” Preparing To Leave Your Teen At College.

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Loren Norris - September 8, 2014 6:25 pm

Money magazine has named Babson the No. 1 college in America on its new list of Best Colleges, “a new approach to ranking colleges that uses unique measures of educational quality, affordability, and career outcome​s to help families find the right school at the right price.”

Wow! These Babson is on fire!

Glenda King - September 11, 2014 2:11 am

I also am a parent that was at the recent orientation at Babson and I left my son there. However, I had a different reaction to the orientation team heavily encouraging the parents to leave after 2 days. Having traveled across the country from Oregon and having already booked a flight and reserved a room for 5 days there was no way that I was leaving. And, my son didn’t necessarily ask me or want me to leave. I noticed there were still many parents hanging out after the first couple of days. I spent the next 2 days shopping at stores with my son in his spare time, buying stuff to set up his dorm room. We had such a good time! I am glad I stayed and so was my son. By the time I left on Monday I felt ready to leave and left in good spirits after having spent such a close time with my son. We don’t talk on the phone but we do text and email often. All’s good. I just wanted to give another viewpoint to the parent/student orientation. I didn’t really like the feeling of being kicked out and heavily encouraged to “let go”. I’m not a helicopter parent either but it felt a bit much. I’m glad I stayed.

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