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Peer pressure for teenagers is tough, no matter how well you’ve taught them. In fact, there are several areas of peer pressure that you might not have considered yet!

Peer Pressure Situations

Peer pressure for teenagers can come from a number of angles. And no matter how hard you try as a parent, you might not prepare your child for all of the potential situations they might face.

Learning as much as you can about peer pressure and potential problem areas is your best chance to help your child make the best decisions for themselves. Here are three areas that many parents don’t typically think of when it comes to peer pressure … but they should.

Eating and Weight

How much a young person weighs can play a significant part in peer pressure situations. If a girl is hanging out with her friends, she might see that her friends aren’t eating, so she won’t eat either. Or she’ll learn harmful behaviors like purging and laxative misuse from her friends.

In order to prepare your child for these potential problems, talk to her or him about how food is meant to fuel the body, and that limiting her weight too much can cause permanent health changes. It will also help if you try to take the focus off weight at home and focus more on foods that are healthy.

Money and Material Goods

Whether your teen has the latest cell phone or not can often cause them to cave to peer pressure. In some cases, they might try to obtain these items illegally or they might become belligerent with you in order to get the money they want. These actions are the effects of peer pressure.

Caving in to your teen’s demands isn’t going to teach them about money or how to avoid the pressure from “friends.” Try to talk with your teen about why his or her need is so pressing, and see if you can come to some kind of understanding. A discussion might result in a compromise or at least give each of you a better perspective of the situation.

Even though peer pressure for teenagers is a fact of life more than a burden, it’s a good time to help your teen learn how to form their own opinions. By bringing your child up to learn what is right and what is wrong, they’ll have a better chance of making the best decision when it really matters!

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