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Parenting teens with love doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be warmly received every time. There are plenty of little things you can do to show your love, even if it’s not always reciprocated.

Sometimes the Small Stuff Means More

Parenting teens with love is a concern for many parents. Is it the right or wrong thing to do? As you watch your child have mood swings and difficulties with friends, you might want to shelter them with your love, but it’s not always eagerly appreciated – or the best “medicine.”

Since teenagers want their space and their individuality, you can use these desires to create loving expressions that meant a lot to them without causing them to feel smothered.

Sending Cards and Notes

Parents who leave notes and cards in their teen’s room or on their desks at home open up a dialogue that doesn’t have to be answered. The teen can simply read the fun note or the compliment and keep it to themselves, knowing that you’re thinking about them. Most teens will actually save these notes and read them again whenever they are feeling down. … and there’s always the possiblity that you’ll receive a response to your note!

Let Them Create Their Own Space

Your teenager’s room might be only place they feel like themselves.
By allowing your teen to choose the colors and decorations in their room, you help them feel as though they are allowed to express themselves and have a space of their own. You should support their choices and help them create an area they feel is enjoyable and symbolic of their lives.In fact, doing this might bridge any gaps in communication between you and your teen.

Allow Your Teen to Make Mistakes

There will be times when your teen makes decisions that negatively affect their lives and others around them. But most mistakes they make are not going to permanently harm anyone, so it’s not always worth it to punish your teen for each misstep. Instead, talk – and listen! – to your teen about how they might have done things differently, turning it into a learning experience instead of a punishing time.

Parenting teens with love can come in a variety of packages. As a parent, you need to initiate the first steps … and allow your teen to respond on his or her own free will. THEN, you’ll begin building a life-long relationship.