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Parenting teenagers has its ups and downs, as we all discover through the process of raising these individuals. By recognizing the major issues that you might be dealing with, you can begin to prepare long before their thirteenth birthday.

Children into Adults

Parenting pre-teens and teenagers is a very important part of raising children into adults. Often, this time in parenting is something you might cringe to think about and, honestly, wish you could skip! But when you, as parents, realize that these are such formative years, your positive guidance and values will be a huge asset for your teen when he or she is faced with many difficult decisions.

Sex and Your Teen

Sex might be one of the biggest concerns on your teen’s mind, whether they’ve already started having sex or not. With the burgeoning hormones and body development, it’s hard for teens not to think about it.

By taking an honest and open approach with your children, you’ll be able to encourage them to be open and honest with you as well. Though they might not respond immediately to your efforts, starting the conversation will allow them the chance to talk to you when they’re ready. While their school might offer sex-ed classes, you should be a major contributor to this discussion. Counseling a teen who has become pregnant is very tough on a parent, but it’s also a ti

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Drugs and Young Bodies

Drugs are another major concern of parents. Denying that your teen will encounter drugs might actually cause your teen to have more curiosity about trying these chemicals. Talk to your teen honestly about what drugs are, what they do, and how they can be harmful. While bringing up your own experience might seem like a good idea, you don’t want to encourage your child to try drugs … and some things are better left unsaid. Instead, tell them what they can expect if they get caught with drugs, or what will happen if they participate in substance abuse.

Emotional Issues

Many teens have trouble controlling their anger and their sadness over things that happen during these years. This can lead to troubles at school and with personal relationships. Instead of hoping that things will “pass,” you might want to try talking to your teen about what is happening, and help them come up with ways for managing their stress.

Even if they can’t or won’t talk about a particular situation, letting your son or daughter know that you care and that you want to help can make all the difference.

The Five Love Languages of Teens
Parenting teenagers can be a thrilling experience at times and a devastating one at other times. As a parent, the best tools you can offer your teen are the ability to make good decisions and exercise his or her own independence.