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Parenting pregnant teens is a practice in patience and support. By learning ways that you can help your teen during this time, you’ll ensure that everyone is comfortable and healthy.

Parenting Your Pregnant Teen with Support

Parenting pregnant teens is not the rarity it once used to be. The good news is that while this might be a very difficult time for you and your teen, there are many more resources to help and support you and your family in whatever decision you choose to make.

Here are three ways to show your teen that you love them unconditionally during this stressful time.

Give Your Teen a Choice

When your teen learns that she’s pregnant, she’ll face a major decision: what to do with her child. There are several options that you and your teen can choose, so make sure she’s informed about each decision and then allow her to make the choice that she’s the most comfortable with and is best for the child.

While it’s going to be very tempting to try to make the decision for her, you need to give her some time to weigh her options, AFTER thorough guidance and discussion.

Give Your Teen the Necessary Information

As your teenager goes through the decision-making process, it’s helpful to provide books and articles that might give her (and/or the father) more insight. You might also want your daughter to talk with her doctor to explain her options, or you might accompany her to the local Planned Parenthood chapter for more information about adoption and child raising.

Try to Let Your Teen Decide

Try to let your teen decide what’s right … and in the best interest of the child. While you might be asked to help with rides and other arrangements, make sure your daughter is the one who’s primarily in charge. This will help her learn about responsibility and consequences.

Parenting pregnant teens is a work in progress as you travel this road together. Your daughter will become a mature adult and be able to continue on her path to success.