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Parenting a pre teen adolescent can be a tricky job. By learning what to possibly expect, you can begin to understand your role and make the most of the opportunity to help transition your pre teen into the teen years.

Tips for “Tween” Parenting

Parenting a pre teen is sometimes more challenging than the actual teens years. During this time, your child is anxious to be older, but still holds onto their more childish behaviors and emotions – causing confusion for everyone. In order to help your child transition easily from one part of their life to the next, here are some things you can do for your pre teens.

Help with Their Fears

What many parents don’t realize is that pre-teenagers are actually quite fearful of the upcoming years, even though their demeanor might seem otherwise. Instead of thinking that all is well with your pre teen, make sure to anticipate things they might be afraid of: learning a new school layout, meeting new people, moving, etc.

When you anticipate difficult situations, you can be ready to help your pre teen. For example, if they express a fear of not knowing where to go in a new school, find a map for them to use or have a counselor take both of you on a tour of the school.

Give Them More Responsibilities

Since your child is growing up, you’ll want to show him or her that you trust them and believe they are capable of handling more responsibilities. Even if you simply add to their chore list or allow them to be a part of family decisions, you are showing your pre teen that they are someone who is growing up and learning. This show of support will inspire confidence in your child as they enter into the tumultuous years of being a teenager.

Recognize Their Limitations

At the same time, pre teens aren’t adults, so they should still have boundaries and rules to follow. By recognizing that your pre teen doesn’t necessarily know how to make the best decisions, it’s up to you to help your child feel safe and secure. Continue to have them follow the family rules, but also allow some flexibility of the rules whenever the pre teen has proved themselves to be responsible and trustworthy.

Parenting a pre teen is a lesson in learning and patience … for the whole family. By working together as a team, you’ll navigate these years successfully!