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When it comes to encouraging a healthy diet for teenagers, it helps to remember the trials and pitfalls of this time in life. It’s also advantageous to give kids positive suggestions a out how to handle social situations and food habits.

Encouraging a Healthy Diet

Teaching young people about good eating habits will last them a lifetime. As parents and caregivers of teenagers, it’s likely that you’ve already noticed how encouraging a healthy diet for teenagers can be a
bit of a challenge. Considering today’s teen obesity problem, it can be an even tougher battle!

With plenty of snacks and drinks made to appeal to this demographic – and the fact that there are vending machines in many schools, who can blame the teen for choosing these items? This is where your guidance as their parent comes into play. Here’s a look at what you can do personally to teach your teen about nutritious eating habits.

Set a Good Example

  • As an adult, one of the first things you can do in regard to your child's healthy eating choices is to set a good example. It's kind of hard to listen to good nutrition advice from a parent who's drinking a soda and eating a candy bar.
    Show the young people in your life that you care enough about yourself to feed your body healthy foods. This plan also limits the junk food in the house!
  • Another thing you can do for your kids is to teach them that fad diets aren't healthy or effective. Lifestyle changes that concentrate on the right balance of lean meats, nutrient rich vegetables, and even the occasional high-fat, high-calorie treat can exist together.
  • You might also enlist the help of your teen in making out the grocery list ... and then doing the shopping with you. If they put some thought into the planning and actually help with the choices, they'll learn a valuable lesson ... in grocery shopping and finances!
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Away from Home Tips

No teenager wants to have to explain why he or she isn’t eating the junk food at a party or friend’s house. They need a way out. Encourage them to have a diet soda or glass of water in their hands at all times.

It’s also helpful to suggest that they stay active with their friends. Playing a board game or a sports activity will be a distraction from reaching for the unhealthy snacks. Your teen’s friends might even appreciate a healthy platter from home, made of wholesome crackers and cheese, along with some veggies.

A healthy diet for teenagers is very possible – with the proper guidance, education, support, and a good example set by you,their parent!