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Adults can help create goal setting teenagers by encouraging good character traits, promoting self esteem, and pointing out their strengths. With the right guidance, teenagers can grow to be the goal-oriented citizens of tomorrow.

Learning to Set Goals

If only parents remembered these trying years more clearly, helping to develop a goal setting teenager would be simpler! Most teenagers are more than willing to learn the skills they’re going to need as adults.

You simply have to focus your parenting abilities to deliver these messages in a way they can relate to and that makes sense to them. Encourage the following traits and watch how quickly your teen grows both mentally and emotionally.

Positive Character Traits

Every adult knows at least one other adult who isn’t on top of their own goals. This leads us to believe that this skill has to be taught.

  • Lesson number one is ensuring that our young people have a positive self image. If a person doesn’t feel good about themselves and their abilities, they aren't going to feel comfortable setting goals, so that element has to come first.
  • Teenager Self Esteem

Personal Ability and Dedication

In order to be an effective goal setter, teenagers have to be aware of and confident in their own abilities. Most young kids and teenagers are typically aware of their possibilities. This is the time to guide them in using that skill in a responsible and likely way to reach their goals.

Enabling a goal setting teenager is about showing them their abilities, instilling a personal character code of right and wrong, and encouraging their belief in themselves by showing your belief in them. It’s a winning recipe time and time again … proving that by doing their best and striving for excellence, the goal setters of tomorrow are successfully being groomed today!