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Finding a cure for teenage acne is part good sense, good habits, and good understanding. With the right advice, a teenager’s acne can normally be controlled.

An Ounce of Prevention

Good sense and a daily skin care routine often work as a great combination to prevent teenage acne. Whether you’re currently experiencing it or or remember it with a special kind of dread, teenage
acne is the worst. It seems like right about the time you have it under control, something sets it off, and the nightmare starts all over again. Being informed about ways to prevent breakouts is one step closer to a cure for teenage acne.

How to Avoid Acne

Rule number one is keeping your face clean!

  • It may seem like a no-brainer, but situations like not cleaning your face of make up, dirt, and oil at the end of the night are perfect ways to exacerbate skin breakouts.
  • With that said, you have to be careful about what types of cleansing products you use on your face.
  • A good routine to follow is to wash your face twice a day with warm water and a gentle (don't forget the gentle part) skin cleanser.
  • Try not to wash any more than twice daily so the oil glands in the skin don’t feel the need to work double time and create more oil for you to contend with!

Besides knowing which product is best for your skin type, you should also be aware that alcohol on your face is a no-no. Skin products with high levels of alcohol are especially damaging to the top layers of your facial skin. The result is often dry, flaky, facial skin that still has blemishes.

Choosing the Right Products

While skin care products are important in the cure for teenage acne, you should also be cautious about the other products you use. Both make up and hair products can irritate your skin. Choose make up that is labeled as oil-free and dermatologist tested. If you notice a problem with your skin when you use hair gels or serums, try a different brand until you find one that works.

All in all, plenty of common sense and good habits go into proper skin care. Another important key is a healthy diet to bring out the best in your radiant personality as well as your beautiful face!