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Raising an ADHD teenager requires additional support and guidance. However, if you take the right approach for your teen and your family, the efforts will pay off big time.

Setting Responsibilities

Raising ANY teenager isn’t an easy job – especially with an ADHD teenager. These kids simply need a bit more guidance and patience and a lot of love from the adults in their lives. With your assistance, these teenagers will be on their way to learning how to make the decisions they’ll need when they become adults.

In reality, teaching a child with ADHD about adult responsibility and awareness isn’t really all that different than doing it for any other child. Perhaps some of these tips will help you manage this time in your teen’s life.

Responsibly Allowing Freedom

Believe it or not, the purpose of the teenage years isn’t to drive adults and parents crazy (!), it’s actually about learning how to accept and handle new freedom. With a child who has ADHD, parents have to walk a very careful line. It might be helpful to allow gradual small freedoms as opposed to immediate larger changes for an ADHD teen.

For example, if your teenager wants to go on a weekend ski trip with friends, you could suggest making the first trip with you for one night. This way, both you and your teen have an opportunity to see how things are going to go … gradually.

If issues arise, you know that your child needs a bit more time. If things go well, you can make the decision to reward good judgment on the part of your teen, and perhaps allow for the longer trip in the near future.

Keep Track of Supervision and Structure

As the parent of a child with ADHD, you already know that the supervision and guidance you have to provide is a bit more in depth than for other parents. It isn’t unusual for an adult to loosen the reins, so to speak, a little too early.

  • For the most part, kids with ADHD need more supervision until they are through high school.
  • This enables you to make sure that any of the freedom exploring activities your teen is involved in should come with adequate supervision from you or another adult.

Raising a responsible ADHD teenager takes a little more work, but the rewards are so enormous that it’s all worth it!