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aboutParenting your teen can be simple, stress free and joyful. It takes focus and understanding, plus a community that understands your challenges and fears. That is why after years of interaction, research and experience with parents and teens, we have created Parenting Teenagers Online, a community dedicated to making the parenting of teens much simpler. Our community and panel of experts address many of the challenges you and your teens have today including:

• Self-esteem
• Obesity
• Parenting teens
• Being a single parent
• Communication skills
• Overcoming the influence of the Internet

We have worked diligently to gather great resources in one easy-to-use place so that you and your teen can benefit from addressing challenges and improving your relationships.

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What others are saying about Dr. Pobee.

Rebecca Alvarado RN I worked with Dr. Pobee for many years. We still keep in touch. She is a wonderful and caring person, loving wife and mother. We both have daughters the same age and were often surprised that they seemed to be going through the same things and were so much alike. I am a mother of adopted daughters and I had many concerns about what was right for my girls. I confided in Dr. Pobee often, she was a great support for me. After talking with her, I would often feel and see things about myself that would empower me with good feelings about myself as a parent. She told me once not to be scared, because nothing could break the bond that I have with my daughters. She was so right. I truly value her as a friend and mentor. -    Rebecca Alvarado RN
Dr. Rebecca Abu I have known Dr. Marian Pobee since we were both students in Medical School. Marian had a knack for organizing and was always patient to listen to complaints from students. Marian has developed this talent into a polished skill and is now effectively using it to mentor teenagers. I recall numerous conversations on the phone when we would compare notes about raising our children. She is always quick to allay concerns about teenagers whose actions and thoughts can be worrisome. Marian is very talented with dealing with teenagers and she always finds a way to talk and advise them on alternative choices I commend Marian for this notable initiative. Her talent is being put to good use. -    Dr. Rebecca Abu
Valerie Shasteen, RN, BSN I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Pobee for the past 5 1/2 years. She is a very respected and well-liked pediatrician as well as a warm, caring, and kind-hearted person. She always relates so well with children of all ages and also with the parents. She has a great sense of humor and is so easy to talk with. We shared many experiences regarding our own children who are now teens and beyond and I have learned so much from her. Dr Pobee has a heart for children and families. Parentingteenagersonline.com is an excellent source for parents to help them to learn to communicate more effectively with their teenagers. -    Valerie Shasteen, RN, BSN
Jean Akpan, MD I worked with Dr. Marian Pobee for several years and was very impressed with her, her work ethic, and her ability to communicate with her patients. Dr. Pobee gave excellent care and related very effectively to my son, as her patient. Based on her interaction with my then teenage son, I believe she is highly qualified to advise parents on communicating better with their teenagers. I am very enthusiastic about her website for the much needed service of helping parents interact and connect effectively with their teens. -    Jean Akpan, MD