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goal setting teen is a very likely occurrence when you know how to support the natural changes and growth they are experiencing. By showing your teenager how to create goals, they will learn how to manage multiple tasks in a successful manner.

Why Change Can Be Good

For some parents, the idea of a goal setting teen seems to be a bit of a myth. This person in your house is something you barely recognize anymore – mood swings and changing hairstyles aside. But as a parent, you want to ensure that your child has all the tools they need to become a successful and independent adult. To do this, you need to show your teen the benefits of goal setting without coming across as a meddling parent. Tricky? Perhaps. Worth it? Absolutely.

Creating a Purpose For Your Teen

The first step of any goal setting program is coming up with the goal itself. For a teen who might be confused as to where to start, you’ll want to sit down with them and point out the various things they enjoy in their life as well as the skills they have. For example, a teen who enjoys fashion might want to create a goal of making clothes for the fashion world. You might even want to have them write this goal down, since it will keep your teen more focused on their dreams and aspirations.

Set an Example For Your Teen

When it comes to goal setting, you are the best example your teen could have.

  • You might want to share with them your own personal goals and the steps you're taking toward making these goals come true.
  • Together, you can each assess your goals from time to time and see how the other has progressed.
  • You can also remind each other of your goals whenever you might be losing your sense of motivation.
  • Additionally, show your teen that it's okay to change their goals if they find they actually want to do something else.
Change is such a natural part of growing up – and something that should be encouraged.

Supporting Your Teen’s Decisions

The key to creating goal setting teenagers is to make sure they know their goals are supported and encouraged. When you can say to your teen that you are proud of them for trying to reach a certain point, they will be encouraged in little ways. When your teen gets down about something that’s happened, let them know that you’re still there for them and that even when they make mistakes, they can still succeed.

A goal setting teen will grow into a goal setting adult – an adult who is responsible and able to prioritize their life. From there, anything is possible!